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Project Management Practise
APPETENCY relies heavily on Project Management practices to manage various aspects of the business for ourselves and for our clients. We are heavy preachers of Project Management.
With only 65% of the projects in real world successfully completing – in time on budget in scope and on quality, there is huge scope of improvement how businesses are driven. Our experience has proved to us that a successful project management is the single most driving factor for the success of any project.According to PMI, when a project and program management mindset is embedded into an organization’s DNA, performance improves and competitive advantage accelerates. In fact, according to our 2015 Pulse of the Profession® study, the projects of high-performing organizations successfully meet goals two–and–a–half times more often, and these organizations waste 13 times less money than their low-performing counterparts.
Project management is our DNA irrespective of the type and scale of the project and follows one of the two standard industry project management practises depending on the project and client requirements to ensure the success of the project.

Project Management Practise – PMI
APPETENCY follows the planned traditions approach to implement our products “BridgeParents” and “SmallRecruit” for our customers. This is also the practise to which we credit our successful build our two in-house products.
APPETENCY Project Management consultants can bring to your project years of successful project implementation experience or work with you on your site to help in successful completion of you mission critical project. Project success is what drive us so if that would require project management and Business skills for your project then APPETENCY consultants assist in that as well.
This approach is our recommendation for your mission critical projects that drive the business strategy and thus a work on a well-planned project that must align with the business visions and goals. APPETENCY consultants will actively assist you in align the project, eliminating risks and driving success.

Agile Project Management Practise
APPETENCY follows the agile approach to implement rather business requirements, design and where client’s inputs are required to alter the results constantly to suit client requirements.
We have utilised this approach to build our or our clients websites, applications and make modifications to our products after it entered a maturity phase.There has been a more frequent use of agile/incremental/iterative practices in project management because of the nature of projects or requirements. The use of these practices continues to rise, with 38 percent of organizations reporting frequent use, up 8 percentage points since 2013.

"Wagile” Project Management
Wagile is a mixture between traditional and agile project management practice. It is not a standard project management practise but APPETENCY can manage multiple aspects of your projects in various parts of your product lifecycle to deliver the results or business success factors.

Project Success
Irrespective of the project management methodology or project lifecycle, our focus is always on project success – in time, on budget, in scope and on quality.
Our clients success stories is what we need and we want to part of your success story. Our consultants for project management are PMP qualified or trained. Discuss your requirements, project assistance as a contractual partners or resources or outsource implementation of your requirements, with APPETENCY on 03 8560 3750.
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