Business Solutions – Education Sector

“Informing today, Transforming Australia's tomorrow”

Education is the sector we are most active in and have been committed for a long time. This is also the area in which we have launched our own product BridgeParents.

We believe there is a huge potential in the ways schools operate and communicate with community – staff, students, parents and other community members.

BridgeParents helps schools communicate most effectively and by “Informing today” we are helping in “transforming tomorrow” of Australia.

How we can add value

We can deliver a wide range of solutions including:

  • BridgeParents implementation
  • Information Communication and Technology consulting
  • Cloud migrations
  • School portals
  • Online learning resources
  • Infrastructure Advisor including Cloud, hardware
  • Websites, Advanced search functions and Custom Apps
  • Intranets
  • Support services
  • SharePoint deployments
  • Workflow Automation
We use our holistic approach to bring solutions that help you harness and use the insights to your clients' greatest advantage. We work with you to address your ICT from bottom up and ensure that we deliver “Value” in line with your strategic objectives.
BridgeParents is implemented on Microsoft Azure platform and we are proud to be Microsoft partners and boost about our understanding of cloud. We can help you implement solutions that will change the outlook about your IT, help meet your compliances, enhance your customer satisfaction and make your life easy.
Half an hour of your time will be well invested with one of your consultants. Send in an enquiry and we will get in touch.

Learn more about how BridgeParents implementation and other cloud implementation will bring your operations together

Project Management Services

Understand more how we select the right methodology and products for making life’s simpler for our clients

Information! Reach us on 03 8560 3750 to find out more about Education Industry and how it can help transform your business.